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Based in Michigan, USA. And Galway, Ireland.

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30th January 2017



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HitBox is an high octane, super fast multiplayer shooter that likes to strip away the uneccessary and focus on what matters, moving and shooting. Four classes distill the different playstyles of the game and let you be a careful shooter, or a mad gunman. A friendly and inviting style makes it approachable and easy to learn so you can shoot your friends in online, LAN or split screen multiplayer. In case you have no one to play with the game features bots to practice against and improve your skills.


HitBox is made by two people. Tyler Rogers and David Colson. In January of 2013 they met each other on YouTube and Tyler asked if David would collaborate on a game and bring his technical skills to help. This is when the project was born. Both David and Tyler were only 17 when this collaboration started, and over the last four years they have developed and tweaked the original idea of the game into what it is now. All while dodging life things like college and exams. I think they will both agree it has been an amazing learning experience that isn't over.


  • Super fast, movement based twitch shooting
  • Comedic and stylised graphics powered by Unreal 4
  • Dynamic and changing maps
  • Online, LAN or split screen multiplayer along with bots so you can always play
  • Four classes representing possible play styles
  • Free of all the features found in Free2Play games, you pay for the game once, and you get it


Trailer YouTube

Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Great fun, offering adrenaline-fuelled matches full of anarchic fun"
    - KJ Robertson, Alpha Beta Gamer

About The Developers

Wormhole Entertainment
Wormhole Entertainment is the company started by Tyler Rogers in 2013 at the age of 17, originally just for games, Tyler wants it to expand into multiple forms of media and technology in the years to come. The company was named partly due to Tyler's interest in space and wormholes in particular, but also to represent the journey back in time to create a high quality new game rather than just another reskin. Wormhole Entertainment is mostly responsible for the visual side of things in HitBox, along with game development alongside Peripheral Labs.

Peripheral Labs
Peripheral Labs started out it's life as Peripheral Games in 2011. Simply a way for a 14 year old David Colson to have an online presence while still learning about game development. It changed to Peripheral Labs in 2013 to reflect David's interest in other areas such as science and electronics. It is now become a company that makes money for David despite the fact that he is only 21. Peripheral Labs is responsible for the technical part of HitBox.

HitBox Credits

Tyler Rogers
Art, Design & UI, Wormhole Entertainment

David Colson
Programmer & Designer, Peripheral Labs

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